IGI proudly presents Game Creator, a competition to create the best computer game. Competitors will start with an idea and, by the end of the competition, deliver a functional prototype.

Game Creator is a competition for the best computer game, starting with brainstorming good ideas and, by the end of the competition, delivering a functional prototype. Don’t be alarmed if you are new to all of this – you will get help! And not just any help, experienced industry experts from Iceland’s lead gaming companies will be at your service. This Icelandic Gaming Industry competition was first held in 2010 under the name of IGI Awards with very good success.

1. September
Introduction of Game Creator
University of Reykjavík, classroom V102 at 12:00.
University of Iceland, classroom 131-Askja (map of location can be found here) at 15:00.
We will come and tell you what the competition is all about and answer questions. Sveinn Kjarval, a community developer from CCP games, will join us with an informal chat about the gaming industry in Iceland.
IGI meetup at 20:00, location unknown.

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